Trike Rally Rochdale - 1977
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Trike Rally Rochdale - 1977

Photo: gathering for the Trike rally, Rochdale Town Hall, July 1977


In the 1970s the Invalid Trike (affectionately known as the Noddy Car) was the main form of adapted transport offered to wheelchair users through a government-funded scheme. This rally was in protest against the government’s decision to withdraw all trikes from service and replace the scheme with a new mobility allowance.

This photo is taken outside Rochdale Town Hall. The wheelchair user on the left is Ken Lumb.


A colour photo, with an orange tint.

There is a group of 8 people outside a grand, Victorian-looking building. Two are wheelchair users. A person in the centre of the photo is holding a large placard saying ‘Rochdale Wanted Wheels Not Walls’ in block capitals.