Image of 3 atefact items from the archive
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What is an Artefact? In archives and museums, artefacts are defined as objects, or physical things, which have been made or shaped by humans. They are often 3-D rather than something flat like a piece of paper. The word object is often used instead of the word artefact.

When people picture a historical artefact, it is usually a flint arrow, old broach, coin, or a household item such as a bowl or vase.

The Disabled People’s Archive doesn’t have any of these, but what it does have are t-shirts, badges, banners, placards, - even a handcuff, a wind sock and a charity collection doll!

These photographs show just a few examples. Unfortunately, we have not been able to catalogue these yet, so this page is a taster of what will be available to view in the future.

We will give some brief background information about each object. Please do let us know if you have more detailed information, or any memories connected to them or their use.

There is also a detailed visual description of the photograph of each artefact, to aid accessibility. Please click on each image.