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What is ephemera? This is an odd word, but basically means anything that is not made to last for a long time, or is intended to be used as a one-off or for a limited time. Transitory is a word you will see a lot linked with ephemera.

Examples are letters, flyers, posters or leaflets for an event, campaign or period of time. We could include campaign badges, T-shirts and banners here, but we have chosen to include those in artefacts on this website.

There is some background information about each item plus a detailed visual description. Where the item has been catalogued, the number is included. Please click on each image.

Please note:

The words portrait orientation and landscape orientation are used in the descriptions. We were reminded that people who do not work in an office may need an explanation of this. Portrait is when a piece of paper or card is taller than it is wide. Landscape is when it is wider than it is tall.

We also use paper size names here, for example A4, A5, A6. Here are the sizes:

A2, 23.4x16.5 inches, 59.4x42 cm.

A3, 16.5x11.7 inches, 42x29.7 cm.

A4, 11.7x8.3 inches, 29.7x21 cm.

A5, 8.3x5.8 inches, 21x14.8 cm.

A6, 5.8x4.1 inches, 14.8x10.5 cm.