Mini Histories – From Manchester and Beyond

A series of 5 mini films produced by Brian Hilton (Disabled People’s Archive) and Siobhan O’Connor (Archives+) that highlight some key campaigns in disabled people’s history.

Episode 1: Too Frightening For Kids TV!
In 1988, Granada Television’s headquarters were picketed by disabled protestors after it vetoed a decision to cast disabled actor Nabil Shaban in a children’s television drama.

Episode 2: ‘Children in Need’ Versus the Wrath of DAN
In 1993, disabled protestors disrupted a live BBC outside broadcast in Albert Square, Manchester, in opposition to ‘Children In Need’ and their negative portrayal of disabled people.

Episode 3: Disabled People Against Apartheid
In 1982, disabled people from Manchester joined other protestors picketing the Stoke Mandeville Games, in opposition to the inclusion of a team from South Africa.

Episode 4: The Battle of Little Peter Street
In 1993, local disabled trade unionists picketed a party being held at their own union’s social club in central Manchester, an inaccessible social club, down a flight of steps!

Episode 5: The Independence Festival 1997 – 2001
In 1997, Manchester kept up its tradition of being a trailblazer city when it hosted the first ever annual national festival in celebration of disabled people's arts and culture.

A Brief History of Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People

(Parts 1 and 2, 1980s - 1990s)

This is a short film about the early history of the UK’s oldest surviving coalition of disabled people.

The film was produced by Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People (GMCDP) and was premiered at the Manchester Histories Digifest 2020. Funding to add British Sign Language was provided by Manchester City Council.

Disabled Britain On Film – British Film Institute

This collection of films looks at the representation of disabled people on screen over the past 100 years. It contains a mix of films from the political to the very personal.