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Please use the links above to go to a list of items on this website with those accessibility features. The number in brackets shows how many items there are.

Access is a high priority for us. We will offer as many accessible formats of our collection as we can, although it is not always possible to modify pre-existing material.

Over the next few years, we will do our best to put as many items on this website with different access features including British Sign Language, captions, audio description, large print and easier to read.

All images and photographs have a written description.

All pages on this website have an easier to read companion page.

What do these terms mean?

Easier to read: writing with easier to understand words and shorter sentences. Any unnecessary words are removed. It is useful for some people with learning difficulties, for people whose first language is not English and for some British Sign Language users as well as others. All the pages on this website have a companion easier to read page.

Pictures and words: pictures as well as written words are used to explain what is being said in a document.

British Sign Language: usually a small part of the screen taken up with a person translating the voices and sounds into sign language.

Captions: written words on part of the screen saying what is being said and sometimes indicating sounds such as music.

Transcripts: a written document giving the words being spoken or sung.

Audio description: a voice speaking over the sound track of the film describing what is happening on the screen during a film.

Image descriptions: written descriptions of an image or picture.

Screen reader friendly: some documents that say they are screen reader friendly still have graphics in them, or can be navigated with screen readers, but only with some effort. Some screen reader users do not find them as easy to use as text only documents. This is why we have separated the two types of document here. We have included some PDF documents which are partially readable with a screen reader.

Text only: documents in notepad or Word documents that have no graphics in them.


What words mean – glossary Access / Accessibility Access and accessibility are how easy something is for a disabled person to use. They are words used for things that make access better. Examples: Saying what a picture looks like for someone who cannot see it (image description). Putting writing or sign language on a film for people who cannot hear it. ... read more »