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Coalition Magazine Index

This is an index page for the issues of "Coalition" magazine which we have made available on this website.

Click on the date of each issue to go to its download page.

For each issue, we have the following formats:

  • the "raw" scan of the original issue as a PDF, to show exactly what it looked like
  • the full text of the issue, with image descriptions, in Word .doc format
  • a large-print version of the issue (18pt Arial PDF), with the images from the original issue included with alt-text
  • Easier to Read translations of the articles from each issue which we have agreed are possible to translate (some things that have been published in "Coalition", such as poetry and creative writing, are not possible to do this for).

We will only post issues of the magazine on the website when all adaptations have been completed. If you are looking for an issue of "Coalition" that is not yet here, please email and we may be able to send it to you in the format(s) that have already been done.


February 1986 (GMCDP Introductory Newssheet)

November 1988 (Coalition News)

May 2008

May 2014

June 2019 (Archive special issue)