Postcard: ‘Mum's The Word’ – 1994
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Postcard: ‘Mum's The Word’ – 1994

Image of postcard Mum's The Word, promoting the 'People First' TV series by Channel 4, 1994


This is a promotional postcard for the Channel 4 TV documentary series in the 1990s called ‘People First’. It was a series about disability issues and disabled people.


This portrait oriented postcard is A6, printed on both sides.

The front of the postcard has a light blue background. Description from top to bottom.

‘People First’ in block capitals.

A colour photograph of a female wheelchair user wearing a multicoloured jumper holding a baby up in the air. Both are smiling. The baby is wearing a blue all in one outfit with red shoes. In the background is a baby’s cot.

“Mum’s the Word” in block capitals.

“Produced and Directed by Sian Vasey”

“Circle Pictures, 34 Osnaburgh Street, London, NW1 071. 916 0830

The reverse side has an off-white background with the following text. All episode titles are block capitals; descriptions are lower case.

People First. Channel Four's challenging series of documentaries exploring disability issues with a fresh perspective returns for its spring run.

Face Value (Hand Pict Productions) Thursday 26 May, 8pm. Testimonies from facially disfigured people; how they deal with the psychological impact of the staring outside world.

Black & Blue (Mirus Productions) Thursday 2 June. 8pm. Self-help community projects set up to offer the sort of care mentally ill black people desperately need and don't get from traditional institutions.

Mum’s the Word (Circle Pictures) Thursday 9 June, 8pm. Three disabled mothers talk about their experiences in a programme that challenges the belief that disabled parents are a burden to their children.

Here & Now (123 Productions) Thursday 16 June, 8pm. ‘Why should we learn to speak if hearing people won't learn to sign?' A programme about deaf children who sign in a speaking world.

Silence Is Golden (Diverse Productions) Thursday 23 June, 8pm. Do artificial implants, which can bring limited hearing to a deaf child, threaten the cultural integrity of the deaf community?

Speak Up (Mental Health Media Productions) Thursday 30 June, 8pm. People with learning difficulties speak out about taking charge of their lives.

Print Ltd London 071-253 1200