Anti-Apartheid Protest - 1982
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Anti-Apartheid Protest - 1982

Photo: Anti Apartheid protest, Stoke Mandeville Games, 25 July 1982


In 1982 the campaign against the Apartheid regime in South Africa was in full swing all over the world. South African sports competitors were not welcomed, and in some cases, banned from international sports as a means of putting pressure on the South African government to remove apartheid. This protest was organised by ‘Anti-Apartheid’ and ‘Disabled People Against Apartheid’ because a South African delegation was taking part in the Stoke Mandeville Games.


People on the photo left to right

Judith Holman, Keith Stephens, Linda Carrol, and ?.

?, Kevin Hyett, Mark Todd, and ?.



A colour photo.

A group of 11 people are on a grass verge in front of bushes, most are holding placards. Not all the letters on the placards are visible but the words for most are known. Full wording and partial letters visible are described.

There is a red banner in the background with the partial letters ‘Ayl Labo’, a person blocking letters then rty. In the middle is a star either side of a flaming torch with a cross-shaped symbol over the top.

People and placards from left to right:

Judith Holman with a placard saying ‘Disabled People Say No To Apartheid’. Letters di, p sa, Ap are obscured.

The ms of teams is obscured.

Linda Carrol has no placard.

A person with a placard saying ‘Apartheid Disables Disabled People Say No To Apartheid’.

In front of Keith Stephens is a small child holding a placard saying ‘Apartheid Disables Ban All South African Teams’. The d of disables is obscured.

Kevin Hyett is in front of Linda Carrol with a placard saying ‘S. Africa out of Stoke Mandeville’.

Mark Todd, with a placard saying ‘Disabled People Against Apartheid’.

A person with a placard saying ‘equal rights for black S. Africans’. Letters k and ans are obscured.