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Welcome to the Disabled People’s Archive online Since GMCDP was established in 1985, we have documented and preserved our own history, as well as that of the wider Disabled People’s Movement and the trailblazing individuals within the Movement. The Disabled People’s Archive brings together our own historical collections with those donated to us by individuals and other disabled people’s organisations. It holds... read more »

Celebrating UPIAS’s 50th Anniversary

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Union of the Physically Impaired Against Segregation (UPIAS), we have made a number of formerly out-of-print articles written by UPIAS members digitally available. Each document has its own post in the News section of this website, but this pages lists and links to all of them. About the Series: The Union of the Physically... read more »

Coalition Magazine Index

This is an index page for the issues of "Coalition" magazine which we have made available on this website. Click on the date of each issue to go to its download page. For each issue, we have the following formats: the "raw" scan of the original issue as a PDF, to show exactly what it looked like the full text... read more »

Coalition Magazine

"Coalition" was the magazine published by Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People (GMCDP). It started out as a news sheet in 1986, the year after GMCDP was founded, and over the next few years evolved into a magazine featuring articles by many disabled writers and activists from Greater Manchester, the UK, and internationally (often reprinting articles from the disability... read more »


Welcome to the Disabled People’s Archive! This is an exciting project which has been a number of years in the making, and will continue to grow in years to come! The Disabled People’s Archive is run by Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People with the support of Archives+ which is part of Manchester Central Library. We are proud to be... read more »

Disabled People’s History

On this page you will find links to information about disabled people’s history. There are some resources produced by Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People and links to other archives, organisations and websites where you can find much more information. Please note that a number of these do not use the terms that GMCDP and other disabled people’s organisations do,... read more »

In The Archive

We are pleased to show you some of the items in the Disabled People’s Archive, and we are proud to be the guardians of such a wealth of historical material. The oldest items we are aware of so far are some photographs from the 1920s, and as history is constantly being created, the most recent are placards and documents from... read more »

Useful Resources

Below are links to useful resources and toolkits for researching and recording our history. This page of the website is intended for development in the near future. We have not yet produced any learning resources or toolkits – but watch this space. National Archives This is a brief guide to researching records relating to disabled people and disability. Doing Historical Research Manchester Histories have... read more »

Get Involved

In the future we will use this page to let you know about workshops or other activities we organise relating to disabled people’s history. We also plan to have a regular ‘what can you tell us? What do you remember?’ feature. We will put photographs and descriptions of events, artefacts and other items from the Disabled People’s Archive to see... read more »

View By Accessibility

Please use the links above to go to a list of items on this website with those accessibility features. The number in brackets shows how many items there are. Access is a high priority for us. We will offer as many accessible formats of our collection as we can, although it is not always possible to modify pre-existing material. Over... read more »