Pride by Johnny Crescendo
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Pride by Johnny Crescendo

Johnny Crescendo with a guitar

Main instrument is electric guitar


by Johnny Crescendo

Pride is something in your soul

Pride is somewhere you are in control

Pride is the peace within that finally makes you whole

Celebrate your difference with pride


Pride in yourself is bound to set you free

Pride in who you are, a person just like me

Pride and self-respect and gentle dignity

No one can take away your pride


Pride can make you strong

Pride's the key that unlocks the doors

to the rooms where we belong

Pride is our destiny and where we all came from

Turn around embrace your pride


Pride can make you equal without your liberty

Pride can give its freedom to a prisoner like me

Pride is always with you wherever you may be

Once won you'll never lose your pride

Pride is a rocky road that's straight and doesn't bend

Pride's a path you follow

Pride's your closest friend


Pride's the source inside your heart

from which you can draw strength

Begin all your journeyings with pride


Pride's the bond between us. Pride's the bridge we burn

Pride's the victory, the battle, from which we shall return

Pride's the spark of fire within, the crucible, the germ

The seed of our power is our pride


Pride, pride, pride