Disability Consortium Rally, Manchester - 1990
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Disability Consortium Rally, Manchester - 1990

Photo: Disability Benefits Consortium Rally, Albert Square Manchester, 27 October 1990


Over 500 people gathered in Albert Square, Manchester, for this rally on 27 October 1990. It was one of three rallies organised on the same day calling for a better benefits system for disabled people. Gill Crawshaw is sitting on the ground under the Armley Resource Centre banner.


A black and white photo.

A view of a large crowd of people in Albert Square, Manchester; around the Albert memorial statue. Most of the crowd are looking to the left of the photo. On the far right is a banner which says ‘Armley Resource Centre Leeds’, only the letters ‘Armle Resour Centr Leed’ are visible.

There is a mix of people standing and sitting on the ground or in wheelchairs. some are holding banners and placards but the writing is not visible in the photo.