Poster: Accessibility 98
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Poster: Accessibility 98

Image of poster promoting the  Accessibility 98 event, Manchester 1998


In 1998 Manchester City Council hosted an open day, ‘Information & Communication Technology’. The event was in Manchester Town Hall. There were information stalls, practical demonstrations and presentations.


A cream coloured A4 landscape oriented poster. Across the top of the poster are four simple illustrations, each within an image of a computer monitor. The illustrations from left to right are:

  1. The title Signing CD-ROM. Below, two figures signing and with the words “What” and “Who” in block capitals.
  2. At the top, “http://www.sue&bob”. Below on the left, a website menu in block capitals: download, search, e-mail, links. On the right an illustration of two people, one of whom is a wheelchair user.
  3. An illustration of a woman sat at a table. Underneath in large print it reads “Conferencing”. To the left are volume and power control symbols.
  4. The word “Zoom” in block capitals is across the top. Below, the screen is full of text. In the middle is a round magnifying glass with larger text underneath it.

Underneath these illustrations is “accessibility ’98, with the I and T in capitals. It is white print in blue shading except I, T and 98, which are yellow.  

Below in blue print is “an open day about disabled people and information & communication technology. Great Hall. Manchester Town Hall 25th September 1998 11am - 3.30pm.

At the bottom right of the poster are 3 blue symbols.

An ear with a diagonal line behind it.

A wheelchair user symbol with WC in block capitals beside it.

A symbol of a wheelchair user on a ramp.