Poster Child
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Poster Child

Brian Hilton, Leigh Sterling and Mat Fraser

Song written by Brian Hilton, performed by Brian Hilton, Leigh Stirling and Mat Frazer.


Poster Child

(Talking at start) Brian: It was me, I went to the wrong chord sorry boys.
Leigh: It's OK mate, like I have got CP don't you know..
Mat (pretends to be surprised): Have you?
Mat: Do you wanna do, do you wanna do it again?
Brian: Yes please. (everyone talks over each other)
Phil: Can I just commend you on your comic timing Mat?


Sitting here
Reflecting On The TV
And the radio
Images blurring
Down the tube
Distorting the truth
About me and you
Me and you

Hmmm, Hmmm

Games shows
Carry on
Pledging more
To those special ones
Needing you
To be betrayed
But don't complain now
It's only a game
Only a game?

Hmmm Hmmm

I was a poster child
But now I'm an activist
And I was a pacifist
But look at me with these clenched fists
Pissed, pissed again,I guess I am
I guess I am that man

Children in Need
Confine these lies
To our history
It's on cards now
It's in the news
The tragic and brave
Confront the boys in blue
Boys in blue

Oooo Hmmm