Postcard : Save The Independent Living Fund - 2014
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Postcard : Save The Independent Living Fund - 2014

Image of postcard to send to MPs for the Save The Independent Living Fund campaign, 2014


In 2014 this postcard was used as part of the ongoing campaign being fought by disabled individuals and organisations to stop the government’s planned closure of the Independent Living Fund. Despite initial victories in the courts, the fund was closed in 2015.

Catalogue: GB124.G.GMCDP/4/38.


This is an A5, landscape oriented double-sided postcard. The front has a blue background, the back white.

Front. At the top, “Support disabled people and their families” is in black writing within a yellow rectangle.

The main section of the postcard says “Save The Independent Living Fund’ in large, black block capitals.

At the bottom of the postcard is another yellow rectangle with “ILF - because we're worth it!”. in black print. At each end of the rectangle is a small wheelchair user symbol holding a placard.

The reverse side of the postcard is white with black print. It is split in half. On the left is the following.


Last year the Court of Appeal ruled that the Government's decision to close the fund was unlawful. On the 6th March 2014 it was announced that ILF would end in June 2015. Disabled people with high support needs will become prisoners in their own homes or forced into institutions as it will be impossible for Local Authorities to maintain equivalent levels of ILF support. Social care funding in England was cut by £991 million in 2011, £890 million in 2012 and local authority budgets are set to be cut by another 28% in 2013/15. The Independent Living Fund is cost effective. It should be kept and re-opened to new applicants.

Yours Sincerely

The right side has the address: MP, House of Commons, London. SW1A OAA

There is space after Dear and before MP for a name to be written.

Bottom right is a black box with the following in white print, “Supported by: DPAC (Disabled People Against Cuts), Inclusion London, GMCDP (Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People), Equal Lives, ALLFIE (Alliance for Inclusive Education)”