To Our Warriors
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To Our Warriors

Sue Napolitano

Poem written and performed by Sue Napolitano.


To Our Warriors

We have our warriors
battling with society
and disease.

We carry our scars
on our bodies and in our hearts.
The deepest hurts are when we turn
the knives of the oppressor
against each other.

We lose too many of our warriors too soon.
With too many years unlived,
too many battles unwon.
And yet each one's fight
Moves us all forward.
Brings closer the day when
the doors of all the day centres, homes, hostels,
special thises and thats
will clatter empty in the wind.
The day when we will all be free.

So rest easy my sisters and brothers.
Lie peaceful in the earth
or scattered in the air.
Your rage on earth blew up a storm.
We will inherit your thunder, your lightning,
Your love.
We will fight on.